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Podiview / Analysis of plantar pressures

Analysis of plantar pressures measurements with sensors inserted into shoes.

What is it?

What is Podiview?

This is a biomechanical analysis performed by pressure sensors inserted inside the shoes that can be synchronized with cameras. These sensors are integrated into a “leather” sole with a thickness of only 2mm. Each platform holds an average of 250 sensors that takes 400 measurements / second (400 Hz)!

This technology records a lot of information that is not visible to the naked eye when analyzing the movements of different activities (walking, running, jumping, skiing, skating, etc.) and calculates the average of a series of steps and the foot pressure measurements.

This examination is particularly advantageous for testing the effectiveness of orthotics by comparing the analyses carried out with and without orthotics.

The instrument measures objectively the following parameters :

  • The Medium and Maximum pressure points
  • Momentum (pressure as a function of time)
  • The trajectory of the center of mass
  • Time spent on each foot during a step
  • Speed of movement
  • The length of steps
  • Frequency of steps
  • The duration of the support and flight phases
  • The asymmetry between the two feet
  • And more…

Still today it is used almost exclusively for scientific research, Podimédic clinics are proud to make this unique advanced technology available to their patients.

For who?

All those who wear our orthotics!

Whether for children or adults, we believe that each of our custom-made orthotics deserves to be tested, adjusted and optimized with precision. Thus, an efficacy analysis is systematically performed following the delivery of orthotics to our patients.


For runners looking to improve their running technique, their performance, to prevent or treat an injury. The analysis of the race with this technology has the advantage of studying the behavior of the foot in action directly in the shoes with foot pressure measurements.


For athletes who wear shoes, boots or skates when playing sports, this study allows us to analyze the generation of force of the foot during the specific movements of the sport. This is especially useful for those who want to improve their technique and performance or to prevent or treat injuries. In short, all those who are seeking to validate the effectiveness of their orthotics.

Do you know if your orthotics are doing 50%, 80% or 100% of the work they are supposed to ? This is what this test allows us to quantify, the foot pressure measurements, by specifying precisely if there are any corrections that need to be made


What are the benefits of Podiview?

To date, clinicians have been able to evaluate the effectiveness of orthotics by relying on symptoms or sensations emphasized by patients. For the first time in Quebec, Podimédic clinics go further and systematically validate your orthotics using an objective measurement tool that allows you to make more precise adjustments to orthotics.

Here are some advantages :

  • Calculation of the relief of plantar pressures with and without orthotics
  • Allows an analysis of the foot in its real environment (the shoe!)
  • Made in any type of shoes (from high heels to ski boots!)
  • Better understanding of the conditions by both the clinician and the patient
  • Analysis and achievement of immediate results
  • Time-tested and on-site tests
  • Follows the evolution of a condition using objective and precise data
How does the treatment work?
  1. Insertion of pressure sensors into shoes:

    Thin soles containing the pressure sensors are inserted inside the shoes, boots or skates.

  2. Data recording in action:

    The patient engages in an activity (walking, running on a treadmill, sport-specific movements) while the data is being recorded.

  3. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the orthotics:

    The results are immediately analyzed and explained by a clinician.

  4. Adjustment and optimization of orthotics:

    Following the analysis and the results obtained, corrections are made to the orthotics in order to perfect them. Each pad has an average of 250 pressure sensors that measure the data at a frequency of 400 measurements per second (400 Hz). This high frequency allows high precision even for movements as fast as running. The data is transmitted to a computer via a wireless connection. Once the data is recorded, the information is interpreted and explained to the patient by the podiatrist. In the case of a comparative evaluation with and without orthotics, adjustments are made if necessary.

Pressure platforms can measure the effectiveness of the orthotics!

The majority of the places that offer customized orthotics services are equipped with pressure platforms. These platforms are very useful in barefoot biomechanical assessments.

However, they do not make it possible to test the effectiveness of orthotics since they are always worn in shoes. The Podimédic clinics are the only ones that always use a high-tech tool to check the behavior of the feet under the effect of the orthotics, directly inside the shoes.

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