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Surgery for ingrown toenails / Matricectomy

This surgery is a simple and permanent solution for ingrown toenails. During the procedure, only the ingrown portion of the toenail is removed.


What is it?

Matricectomy, what is it?

It is an effective solution for relieving pain caused by an ingrown toenail that has minimal impact on appearance.

For who?

Matricectomy, who is it for?

This procedure is for patients who suffer from severe or recurring cases of ingrown toenail due to:

  • excessively curved toenails
  • excessively wide toenails
  • toenails damaged by injury
  • toenails damaged by local disease
  • abnormal toe position

What are the earnings of a Matricectomy?

  • Permanent solution with a 98% success rate.
  • The majority of patients are able to resume everyday activities immediately.
  • No stitches.
  • Positive aesthetic outcome.
  • Can be performed during the initial consultation if necessary.
  • Under local anesthetic.
  • The procedure is performed at the podiatrist’s clinic, so no hospital visit is necessary.
How does the treatment work?
  1. Local anesthesia:

    To ensure the patient feels no pain during the procedure, a local anesthetic is injected at the base of the toe.

  2. Permanent surgical removal of the problematic nail edge or border:

    Only the problem portion of the nail is removed. The exposed nail root (or matrix) is then eliminated with a chemical solution to stop the nail from growing back in that area.

  3. Home care:

    Between your surgery and your follow-up visit, your podiatrist may recommend foot soaks and bandages to aid with recovery. In general, everyday activities are not affected.

  4. Follow-up one week later:

    Your podiatrist will clean the operated area and ensure it is healing well. Subsequent appointments are rarely necessary.

I'll be in a lot of pain after the surgery!

Patients generally report that they did not experience much pain from the surgery. When experienced, the pain will ressemble the one caused by the ingrown toenail. When necessary, Tylenol will be enough to relieve post-operative pain.

My ingrown toenail looks really bad—the whole nail will have to come off.

It isn't necessary or even recommended to remove the entire nail, as this makes it more likely for the condition to recur. Removing completely the nail also risks causing permanent damage to the nail matrix, meaning a newly ingrown nail could become even more problematic!

I'm diabetic, so I can't get the surgery.

Recurring cases of ingrown toenail put patients with diabetes at continual risk of complications. Surgery is a permanent solution that can help prevent a host of potential problems. Surgery for ingrown toenails is indicated in many of patients with diabetes. Patients must have adequate blood circulation and blood sugar levels at the time of the procedure.

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