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Radial shockwave therapy (shockwave)

Commonly called “Shockwave”, radial shockwave therapy is an effective treatment option for long-standing problems (for at least 6 months) that are not relieved by the usual treatment modalities. This shockwave treatment is particularly effective in curbing chronic pain in the heels: plantar fasciitis, heel spur and Achilles tendinosis.

What is it?

Radial shockwave therapy, what is it?

When a problem becomes chronic and does not want to heal, it is as if the body is giving up on it. The affected structure then shows an absence of the natural physiological processes necessary for the repair of the tissues. At this stage, it becomes imperative to reactivate this normal healing process.

Radial shockwave therapy uses high-energy acoustic waves to have an impact on tissues with a chronic pain condition. This then activates the healing by causing an inflammatory reaction which is the first step towards tissue repair. It is like a machine that goes back in time to tell the body that there is an injury so that it reacts again.

Here’s how shockwave treatment works in affected tissues to cause faster healing, long-term pain relief and tissue regeneration:

  1. Mechanical energy by percussion
  2. Creates localized microtrauma
  3. Resumption of the inflammatory response
  4. Cleaning metabolic waste and toxins and destroying calcifications
  5. Increased blood circulation and neo-vascularization
  6. Promotes tissue repair and the stimulation of collagen production
  7. Gives a 2nd chance to healing
For who?

Radial shockwave therapy, who is it for?


What are the earnings of radial shockwave therapy?

  • An effective treatment option when other treatments have failed
  • Specially adapted for chronic, recalcitrant conditions
  • Works with the natural healing capacities of the human body
  • A non-invasive treatment
  • No medication is used
How does the treatment work?
  1. Complete Condition Assessment :

    This includes a complete biomechanical examination, x-rays and an ultrasound. Thus, the origin of the problem is identified in order to establish the ideal treatment plan.

  2. Radial shockwave therapy :

    A series of 3 treatments is performed at the interval of one week between each session.

  3. Exercises at home :

    A simple protocol of stretching and strengthening exercises is to be done at home during the healing phase.

  4. Follow ups :

    It can take 2 to 3 months to really feel the benefits of radial shockwave therapy!

Shockwave treatment alone will cure me!

Shockwave therapy is the first step of treatment and not the last! It should absolutely be complemented by eccentric stretching exercises and sometimes other complementary exercises that you will begin one week after the last session. Your podiatrist will give you all the necessary information.

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