In short

Diagnostic Ultrasound or sonography

What is it?

Diagnostic ultrasound, what is it?

Sonography, or diagnostic ultrasound, is a non-invasive and radiation-free technique used to explore soft tissues and establish an exact diagnosis. This type of medical imaging is used to explore and evaluate tendons, ligaments, fascias, superficial masses, foreign bodies, etc.

For who?

Diagnostic ultrasound, who is it for?

An ultrasound will be used to reach a diagnosis for patients suffering from:


What are the earnings of diagnostic ultrasound?

  • Provides a dynamic, real-time assessment of anatomical structures, which can be moved during the exam to evaluate their capacity and function.
  • Allows for more precision in certain medical interventions (e.g., when guiding the needle for cortisone injections or taking a sample of deeper tissues during a biopsy).
  • Helps monitor the progression of a pathology and verify the effectiveness of a treatment by measuring and quantifying various structures.  
  • Offers a radiation-free medical imaging without side effects.
  • Is a quick, simple and precise technique.
How does the treatment work?
  1. Exploration of the healthy side:

    The healthy side is first observed and measured to provide a trustworthy reference.

  2. Exploration of the painful area:

    The problematic structure is first identified, measured and then compared with the opposite side.

  3. Investigation of the surrounding structures:

    It is important to investigate the anatomical structure surrounding the injury as more than one tissue is often affected.

  4. Diagnosis:

    The results are explained to the patient during the same visit.

I will have to wait a long time before getting my ultrasound.

Wait times for ultrasounds are not long. Patients can often undergo an ultrasound at their first visit to the podiatrist’s clinic.

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